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Help Wanted – Village Treasurer

HELP WANTED – Village Treasurer

We are losing the valuable support of our Treasurer, Beth Robak, that has served our Village so well.   We wish her a lot of success after helping the Village so much, we wish you great success in your next opportunity.

We have stellar finances, good financial structure and error free audits.  We are asking our Residents if there is anyone that would like to be considered for Treasurer.  We would really appreciate forwarding this to your family, friends or co-workers so we can find a great candidate. Here is a short description:

We are seeking a Part Time Village Treasurer! You will be responsible for the effective management and responsible operation of Village financial matters.

Please check out this link on our new website:

Please send resumes or inquiries to so that we may consider and contact applicants.  Our departing Treasurer would be happy to answer questions.