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Need a building inspection? Contact our Building Department

Building Department

To send an email to our Building Department, click here. It will be addressed to Ms. Laura Jonasen (pictured to the right).

For information on Permits, click here.  To print a building permit application, click here. (please note original signatures required for submittal)

For information on our Stormwater Management Permits please click here. For a Stormwater Management Permit Application, click here.

For information on construction hours, click here.

For open burning regulations, click here.

If you need an inspection, contact our Building Department at least 24 hours in advance.




The Building Department is located at the Village Hall:

Prairie Grove Village Hall
3125 Barreville Road
Prairie Grove, IL 60012
Telephone Number (815) 455-0920
FAX Number (815) 455-0783

Building Department Information

  • Permits

    Any change to the exterior of a home including a room addition, screen porch, attached or detached garage, patio or wood deck requires a permit. Other improvements including a storage shed, fence, swimming pool or hot tub also requires a permit. Approval from your Subdivision Association and the Village of Prairie Grove Architectural Review Commission is also required for this type of improvement. The Architectural Review Commission meets every month on Saturday mornings at the Village Hall (click here for schedule). All permits shall be submitted to the Building Department for review and approval prior to the start of construction or installation. Permits are also required for other projects and home improvements including interior remodeling, finished basements, fireplaces, driveways, lawn irrigation systems and more. Some permits may take 2 to 3 weeks for processing so please plan ahead. 
    If you have any questions regarding permit requirements, please call or e-mail the Building Department.  Permit Packets and handouts are also available at the Building Department for your convenience!!!

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  • Construction Hours

    • Monday - Saturday  7am 8pm

      Sundays and Legal Holidays  9am 6pm

    • ** Same for machinery **

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  • Burning Restrictions

    The Village adopted our Burning Ordinance on August 21, 2012

                                        NO BURNING OF CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME!!!

  • The open burning of landscape waste, which is less than 500 feet from a neighboring dwelling is allowed, but subject to following conditions:

    • Only on weekends between dawn and dusk during the months of October, November, April and May.

    • Must be at least 50 feet from any non-habitable structure, 100 feet from any habitable structure and constantly attended until the fire is extinguished. Provisions must also be made to prevent the fire from spreading.

    OTHER RESTRICTIONS APPLY!!!  Please click here for a copy of Village of Prairie Grove Burning Ordinance.

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