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Take a peek at the established laws in Prairie Grove.


The Village Board in its continuing effort to inform the public of policies, procedures and the laws that govern our municipality proudly present to you the Village of Prairie Grove Municipal Code.

The Municipal Code is simply the ordinances (laws) that are adopted by the Village Board in booklet format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click on the image below to obtain your free software. 

Please note that there is a delay time between adoption of ordinances and updates posted to the website.  A current copy of the Muncipal Code book is always available for your review at Village Hall.

Be patient. Municipal Code Chapters could take up to 2 minutes to download depending on your connection speed. Just click on the links (items in orange) below to start the process.

Prairie Grove Municipal Code

Ordinance Number 371

March 23, 2005

Chapter Number
Chapter Title

General Provisions

Village Board

Village Administration

Police Department

Streets and Public Ways

Village Hall Facilities

Parks and Playgrounds

Boards, Special Committees and Commissions

Nuisances and Offenses Against Public Peace, Safety and Morals

Scavengers, Recyclables and Refuse

Dogs and Other Animals

Construction of Utility Facilities in the Rights of Way

Tobacco and Alternative Nicotine Products

Liquor Control


Occupation and Other Taxes


Municipal Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee

Planning, Zoning, and Development Review Fees

Landscaping Code

Zoning Code Extended Table of Contents

Title, Purpose and Intent

Rules and Definitions

General Provisions

Establishment and Purpose of Districts and District Boundaries

District Regulations

Planned Developments

Off-Street Parking and Loading


Administration and Processing

Performance Standards

Chapter 22

Subdivision Code

Purpose and Jurisdiction


Preliminary Subdivision/Planned Development Procedures

Final Plat of Subdivision Procedures


Subdivision/Planned Development Design Standards

Required Public Improvements for all Subdivisions/Planned Developments

Architectural Review Requirements

Stormwater Management

Construction Standards and Guarantees, Construction and Maintenance Inspections, Acceptance of Public Improvements and Maintenance

Cash and Land Donations for Park Site

Educational Facilites Impact Fee

Educational Facilities Transition Fee

Municipal Impact Fee and Fire Impact Fee

Building Code

Sign Regulations

Sign Regulations - Table

Stormwater Management Ordinance

Stormwater Management Application
Cable and Video Service Provider Fee
Cable and Video Customer Protection Law
Administrative Adjudication