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Rt. 176 Corridor Plan and Riverwalk Vision

The Village of Prairie Grove is honored to have received an Illinois Tomorrow Grant from the Illinois State Department of Transportation.  The grant proceeds are being used to create the Route 176 Corridor Plan and Riverwalk Vision.  Please feel free to browse through the following information to familiarize yourself with this project.



The Route 176 Corridor Plan and Riverwalk Vision will seek to establish a land use and growth strategy for the IL Route 176 corridor, identify and make recommendations pertaining to needed transportation and infrastructure improvements, identify and plan for targeted priority development sites; establish a vision for the creation of a Riverwalk District along the Fox River, and provide detailed recommendations for land use and development, economic development; pedestrian and bicycle circulation; and fostering intergovernmental coordination and cooperation.

The Route 176 Corridor Plan and Riverwalk Vision includes approximately 4 miles of IL Route 176 Corridor and approximately 1,500 feet (1/4 mile +) of frontage along the Fox River.  The Riverwalk District anchors the 176 Corridor at the east end of the Study Area. Both the Corridor and Riverwalk Vision Area are facing issues that impact local and regional transportation, congestion, access, land use/redevelopment, and multi-jurisdictional coordination. The Study Area is bordered by several communities and agencies. The Corridor and Riverwalk Vision Area present a unique and important challenge to the Village of Prairie Grove and surrounding communities.  The Route 176 Corridor Plan and Riverwalk Vision will allow the Village, Township, neighboring communities, and various agencies to coordinate needed transportation, infrastructure, and development efforts along the 176 Corridor and Riverfront area.

To view the final plan that was adopted by the Village Board on November 24, 2009 please click on the following link:  Final Copy of Rt 176 Plan


As always, do not hesitate to phone the Village with any questions you may have regarding this or any other Prairie Grove project at (815) 455-1411.