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RTA Transit Oriented Development Planning Grant Project

The Village of Prairie Grove is honored to have received a Transit Oriented Development Planning Grant from the Illinois State Regional Transportation Authority.  The grant proceeds are being used to create a plan for the Village's proposed Town Center located primarily along Route 31 south of the Village limits and north of Terra Cotta Industries.  Please feel free to browse through the following information to familiarize yourself with this project.

The Final Transit Oriented Development Plan (TOD Plan) was adopted by the Village Board Meeting at their June 15, 2010.  If you would like you can either view or print a copy by clicking here.

RTA Releases TOD Video: The RTA has released a new video promoting the various benefits of TOD including increased transit ridership, decreased traffic congestion, improved walkability and economic development opportunities for communities. Featured are first-hand accounts from business owners, residents and community officials discussing how TOD efforts have benefitted their community. The video also depicts what TOD efforts are underway in the region and how local communities can plan for TOD by working with the RTA and Service Boards.  Please click here to view the video.



The Village of Prairie Grove's Town Center and Transit-Oriented Development Project (TOD) will feature a mix of new residential and commercial development.  This development is in anticipation of the construction of a new Metra station along the McHenry Branch of the Union Pacific Northwest Line.  This project will analyze, and incorporate land use options for land west of the Metra line and will provide the Village with the opportunity to modify their existing land use plan for land east of the Metra line.  Metra is currently pursuing funding under the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA’s) New Starts program to allow it to make significant physical and operating improvements on the Union Pacific Northwest Line.  Metra completed the Alternatives Analysis for this project in September 2007.  This project is currently in the Environmental Assessment phase.  Metra is currently awaiting approval from the FTA to proceed into Preliminary Engineering for this project.

The residential developments will benefit the community by providing a variety of housing options to first time home buyers and all residents of Prairie Grove.  These additional residential units will help support and promote surrounding transit systems including Pace and Metra.  The TOD will therefore expand the number of transportation options to area residents and reduce the region's dependency on the automobile and oil.

The Project's commercial developments will benefit the community by providing residents with close and easy access to goods and services.  An increase in sales tax revenue will also benefit the community and provide the Village with funding for this and other critical projects.

Transportation options will be expanded as a result of this Project.  Currently, Pace is the only form of public transit servicing Prairie Grove directly.  Pace's Route 806 makes stops within the Village but they are limited in number and are confined to Route 31.  The construction of a new Town Center and TOD will likely increase Pace ridership and generate new stops within the TOD.

The new Metra station to be constructed at the west end of the proposed project will provide area residents with yet another alternative mode of transportation. The expansion in Metra service will be well-supported by the new TOD and will further lessen dependency on the automobile in the community.

New civic spaces will be created as a result of this Project.  The Village of Prairie Grove lacks a traditional Town Center-styled area.  This development will provide the Village with a centrally-located Town Center for residents and visitors to identify the Village of Prairie Grove with.

As always, do not hesitate to phone the Village with any questions you may have regarding this or any other Prairie Grove project at (815) 455-1411.