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How the 2020 Census Participation is Important

How the 2020 Census is Important: The US Constitution mandates a census every ten years.  Census data is used to allocate states’ representation in the House of Representatives.  Census data determines the boundaries of state legislative districts and the districts of the County Board.  Federal and state governments use census data to award billions of…

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Enbridge Pipeline Letter

2019 Enbridge Pipeline Depth of Cover Program Our records indicate that you own or have an interest in property that is crossed by Enbridge pipeline. Click for the full letter

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Planning & Zoning Commissioners Needed

(3) Three Open Prairie Grove Planning & Zoning Commission Seats Available At this time the Village of Prairie Grove has three (3) Planning & Zoning Commission seats open.  If you would like to serve your community in this very important way, please send Village Clerk, Kim Minor an email at along with your resume and letter of interest by May…

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