Municipal Code

The Village Board in its continuing effort to inform the public of policies, procedures and the laws that govern our municipality proudly present to you the Village of Prairie Grove Municipal Code.

The Municipal Code is simply the ordinances (laws) that are adopted by the Village Board in booklet format.

Please note that there is a delay time between adoption of ordinances and updates posted to the website. A current copy of the Muncipal Code book is always available for your review at Village Hall.

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Prairie Grove Municipal Code

Ordinance Number 371
March 23, 2005

Table Contents

Extended Table Contents

Chapter 1 - General Provisions (8/16/16)

Chapter 2 - Village Board (02/2021)

Chapter 3 - Village Administration (4/19/16)

Chapter 4 - Police Department (11/15/17)

Chapter 5 - Streets and Public Ways

Chapter 6 - Village Hall Facilities

Chapter 7 - Parks and Playgrounds

Chapter 8 - Boards, Special Committees and Commissions

Chapter 9 - Nuisances and Offenses Against Public Peace, Safety and Morals

Chapter 10 - Scavengers, Recyclables and Refuse

Chapter 11 - Dogs and Other Animals

Chapter 12 - Construction of Utility Facilities in the Rights of Way

Chapter 13 - Tobacco and Alternative Nicotine Products

Chapter 14 - Liquor Control

Chapter 15 - Traffic

Chapter 16 - Occupation and Other Taxes

Chapter 17 - Solicitors

Chapter 18 - Municipal Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee

Chapter 19 - Planning, Zoning, and Development Review Fees

Chapter 20 - Landscaping Code

Chapter 21 - Zoning Code Extended Table of Contents

Chapter 22 - Subdivision Code

Chapter 23 - Building Code

Chapter 24 - Sign Regulations

Chapter 25 - Storm Water Management Ordinance

Chapter 26 - Cable and Video Service Provider Fee

Chapter 27 - Cable and Video Customer Protection Law

Chapter 28 - Administrative Adjudication

Chapter 29 - Licenses and Permit

Chapter 30 - Flag Regulations

Appendix A - Definitions